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The Science of Personal Dress

This streamlined eBook presentation has been prepared for your benefit, consistent with this new ever prevailing age of technology and easy access.

The Questionnaire offered with this course has been such a proven success that it has been included as part of the work for those interested in the study and knowledge of the universal language of color and line. Passing peer scrutiny of the most astute wardrobe consultants worldwide, the positive response to the work has been far reaching in this country and in Europe throughout Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Romania, The Netherlands and even Dubai, Australia, Israel, New Zealand and Canada.

This is the same 90 hour required foundation art course taught for the fashion department at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Students from all over the world were certified as Graduate Personal Color Consultants through this study, but the context is applicable for every level of interest—this applied knowledge assists designers, clothing manufacturers, retailers, portrait photographers, cinema, interior decorators, cosmetic companies, schools and industries related to personal dress and appearance.

Based on The Law of Attraction, this work is offered for those wanting to go beyond conventional systems into a new paradigm of color and body analysis. Even though primarily focused on personal dress as a practical first approach, the principles of color and line ultimately provide a sound, simple basic framework from which to expand.

“It’s like breaking a secret code or learning a foreign language!”

This is the consensus of thousands of students and colorists who have learned that colors and lines express a language of their own. Through this work, men and women are coming to know there are consistent laws of order, harmony and beauty in the universe which extends to their body shape, features, coloring and clothing. They understand they are not a hap-hazard mix of genes or DNA, but have been orchestrated to perfection down to the tiniest fleck of color in the eye or turn of the nose. Because of this, personal dress becomes an exacting science by simple formula.

Good taste can absolutely be learned! Understanding and deliberately applying modern color and line techniques to each individual substantially empowers salespeople. Sales automatically increase bringing about a personal connection with each intrigued customer. These concepts enable salespeople to become confident, authentic professional wardrobe consultants. They also assist clothing designers and buyers to expand their market by utilizing population data regarding coloring and body type percentages. By simple formulae, based on fundamental art principles, salespeople will develop skills that translate to a universal language that speaks to the order, beauty and harmony of individual personal appearance.

To apply for certification as a Professional Body and Color Consultant you are required to go through the unabridged eBook in sequential order and complete the final 7 page certification examination. The principles and concepts build upon the preceding ones for complete understanding—each part reinforces specific connections so that all the parts come wholly together. By the end of the study, a very advanced understanding of individual structure is guaranteed to serve one throughout life.

The eBook ends by summarizing "In A Nutshell" the simple techniques used for imagery, modification, and details to express the 4 vibrational energies which make up the universal language of color and line. The color and body analysis Questionnaire will finalize your expertise with beneficial results. Most importantly, as a sales person, you will consciously know how to deliberately create your own style of dress, thereby having the ability to communicate and apply this expertise to assist Men's Wearhouse customers.

For those new to this work here is a brief overview of what this comprehensive study offers.  Some unique features of the work are as follows:

1. Presented for the first time, hair and eye colors sorted, arranged and illustrated in a harmonic sequence of warm, cool and balanced colors. This offers a direct sales tool which totally shortcuts time consuming guessing and trial, and demonstrates to the customer a common sense approach to men's dress, all the while the salesperson is confidently backed by empirical observation and experiment.


mens hair eye chart
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2. Presented for the first time, all 10 color families are sorted and arranged in harmonic sequence so that a person can see exactly where they fit into the scheme of things.  Everyone has a best-color Homebase (a best position on the oval color format) which mathematically follows in the same position in all the other color families as well.  Determined by The Law of Attraction, the energy of a color is synchronized to resonate with the innate vibration of colors in a person's skin, hair and eyes.


3. Presented for the first time, going beyond previous conventional theories regarding skintones, the correct principle of complementary color balance is explained relating to a person's skin, hair and eyes.  Principle:  If you have a warm skintone, you will have a complementary cool hair color; if you have a cool skintone you will have a complementary warm hair color; if you have a more relatively balanced in-between skintone, then you will also have a balanced hair color.   Add to this the fact that your eye color fills in to complete a perfect complementary balance of the primary colors of red, blue and yellow (hemoglobin, melanin and carotanoid pigments respectively,) you have a perfectly designed color scheme.  Everyone does.

4. Presented for the first time, going beyond the limited 4 Season approach, Inter-season color groups are introduced; 12 sub-groups of colors which vibrationally resonate together.  These are balanced in-between colors which extend Homebase colors depending on certain easy to see traits and characteristics in a person's coloring.  This study includes detailed characteristics (from freckles to curly hair) of each Inter-season type and explains the reasoning behind each association.


5. Presented for the first time, step by step instructions on how to combine Homebase colors with extended Inter-season colors for all 12 categories.   One example of incorporating and combining the Inter-season color associated with Winter Homebase coloring:



6. Presented for the first time for men, the study of body types based on geometric forms and clothing lines which align with each body shape providing new parameters for measuring.

7. Presented for the first time, illustrated details of clothing lines for each body shape. All categories of clothing, hairstyles, shoes and accessory lines have been delineated for each body type—specific lines that naturally flow over each body shape with full explanations for why and what lines are best. This book is not a fashion book, it is a thesis regarding what is appropriate, comfortable and natural for each body shape and there are consistent treatment lines for each.  


8. Presented for the first time, information on how the features of one's face impact not only the lines, designs and patterns that you wear, but the actual sizes that balance with the composite design of your features.


10. Never before presented, Questionnaire for Men and Boys for an in-depth, finely tuned color and body analysis.  This is the same popular tried and proven format used on the website for 4 years and now aligned for your use as part of this work.

First, the complete 9 part color analysis for men and boys. Example of 1st part:


Then, the complete12 part body analysis for men:


Included in the eBook are studies of the science of color and light, how colors are created, the phenomena of how colors affect and alter each other, psychological analogies and associations...just a taste of all the intriguing facts about the Universal Language of Color and Line and how it all works together.  And, how we are included in the order, harmony and beauty of all creation down to the tip of a nose and turn of a cheek. 

This is truly the age of color, and whichever door we enter into this time of light and information we are bound to become more enlightened and benefited.  May I include you in honoring this copyrighted material, receiving it in the sincere exchange of energy it has been given.    Enjoy,  Irenee Riter



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Written and Illustrated by Irenee Riter


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